Words to my daughter – may you always know how much we love you!

On the eve of my daughters 5th birthday, I am reflecting on what I want her to remember from our family time and the focus we have placed on building a strong family foundation. This is not easy, nor have we
figured it out. Trying to create a strong family foundation is a journey, making right turns and sometimes making the wrong turns, but we are committed to this as a family. I have spent this past week looking through pictures, laughing, crying and thinking about all the funny, silly and sad moments we have had as a family over the past 5 years. My heart is beyond blessed to have these memories to share with Harper, our friends and family. Life is precious and short, making the most of it while slowing
down is a constant balancing act. I have summed up 5 thoughts I hope she reads in the next couple years and finds these to be foundations of our family life and can cherish the memories.

1) We love you now, forever and always!
2) Be Yourself always, God created you in his image and you are beautiful!
3) Women can do anything and everything they want to!
4) Your family is your family, love and cherish them, they will not be here always.
5) Count your blessings and give thanks to God daily.


Turning 5, our sweet girl!
Happy 4th Birthday!
Happy 3rd Birthday!
Happy 2nd Birthday!
Happy 1st Birthday!
Happy Birthday!!!

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