Planting Seeds….Patiently

I love inspirational quotes, if you follow my Instagram account you will see how much I use quotes or words to help my daily focus.  We are constantly bombarded with negative images and stories, so I love to have something positive to scroll through or think on during the day.  I have a Pinterest board just for inspirational quotes to refer to and find a bit of sunshine. Just an easy way for me to keep my glass half full at all times and reminders of the silver lining to the negative moments of our lives.

A quote that keeps rising to the top for me recently is:

“The day you plant the see is not the day you eat the fruit.” 

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This is so very basic, but it is really resonating with me right now and starting new adventures. When I started the blog in December, I was so excited, this is something I had wanted to do for a while, I started it with such energy.  I was planting a seed but didn’t know how long to wait for this blog to take off.  My goal for the blog was very achievable for myself, one post a week.  Well now that I have been constantly posting for 4 months, I have started to compare myself to other bloggers, why don’t I have the following, why don’t have I have content.  STOP, I know, I say that to myself constantly, it is not about where I am, but how far I have come.  My goal was my goal and I know that I was planting a seed, not sure what would come of the blog, but being able to create content weekly and keep my focus would turn into fruit one day. Yes, I don’t have hundreds of followers, celebrity, or what others may have, but I have received fruit from this already! I have had such wonderful conversations with friends, family and strangers (now friends) about the blog and our family. I DID start this blog to share and document our families life which had really helped our own family, but to know we are sharing this with you makes my heart want to explode.

Planting seeds applies to so many parts of our lives, what are you planting and waiting for? I hope and pray that you stick with it, fruit is not quickly harvested. It can take years, be patient and remember all the people who helped plant the seeds for you.

I have been reassessing my priority to be in church, I have shared my challenges of being in church here earlier in the year. This is not something I thought I would struggle with, being in church. My husband and I both were raised in church, the seeds were planted long ago, and we want the same for our children. We must be in church to plant the seeds for our children, to build a foundation of faith and community. My faith in our Lord and what he has planted in us, and the foundation we are planting with our children will be so very fruitful, I do have faith in that. My faith journey has had it’s ups and downs, but grounded in the loving support of my church family.

I can vividly remember having to memorize scripture as a child, but the one that sticks out the most to me is Psalms 23. We had to memorize and recite in my 3rd grade Sunday school class, I remember fighting with my parents over this. Why did I have to learn this, it is way too long….I am sure I had tons of reasons to not learn this. But in the end, I did, my parents stood their ground and I memorized Psalms 23.

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I can not tell you how many times I have recited this Psalm over the years, it is comforting, it is a reminder and it is like a dear friend, always there. When I wake in the night and can’t go back to sleep, I repeat this Psalm in my head until I fall asleep. My struggles with being in church are small in comparison, church is made up of people and people are just that….people. I am hopeful for HIS wisdom in our lives, but also HIS GRACE, The Lord is My Shepherd and my SAVIOR.

Whatever you are planting, keep with it, don’t think you are going to harvest the fruit tomorrow, but the longer we wait and the more we tend to our garden, our fruit will be that sweeter.


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