Letter to my Daughter

A letter written to our daughter as she starts kindergarten, but I think we could all use these reminders! -Amy

Our dearest Harper,
You are loved more than you will know. We are so proud of the kind, smart and funny girl you have grown to be.

Remember always-
• you are loved for who you are
• remain curious and don’t stop learning
• be kind but stick up for yourself, God gave you a beautiful voice to use
• you are enough and don’t let anyone tell you differently
• smile and look people in the eye
• say please and thank you
• always be yourself

We prayed for you for so long and our lives have been blessed by having you as our daughter. You are strong, fierce and the best hand holder!! We can’t wait to see where the future takes you!!
Oh the places you will go!!
Love you to the moon and back!

First Day picture, she is so excited!
Harper walking to school with her dad and brother.

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