Authentically Showing Up!

I am always shocked and in awe of some of the most authentic moments that happen when I least expect them.  Blessings in my day for sure, but I am still blown away by them when they happen. 

Yesterday, I took the day off from work to go on my daughter’s kindergarten field trip to a local farm, I was looking forward to the great fun it would be to see her class and meet her friends while having a day with my daughter, but I left motivated and inspired by a truly authentic person. 

I believe that you must be open to being authentic with your self and others to truly receive others authenticity.  Going through life at a surface level is just that, you will only scratch the surface of who people are and what they can pour into your life.  Read my post here on authenticity.  Once you are open to being authentic with yourself, you start to see amazing people that you cross paths with that energize and help fill up your bucket!

Yesterday on the field trip was one of those moments for me.  The whole day was great, beautiful weather, kids were well behaved and were very interested in the farm!  At the end of the tour, our group went in to learn more about where the eggs, milk, and corn from the farm went after they were harvested.  Thank goodness, a moment to sit down and not worry about the kids running off. 

The man who was conducting the information session was amazing, he was energetic and engaged the children, I was blown away at how engaged these kindergartners were with Mr. Earnest.  He talked a lot about where our food comes from, but the most moving part was when he talked about eggs.  Yes, eggs!

He had three chicken eggs in his hands, white, brown and tan eggs.  He then brought up three different kids from the group, one girl and 2 boys, different heights, different weights and different colors.  He talked about how similar the eggs were and how different the eggs were.  The kids were yelling out answers, but I was struck by this concept, it was so simple.  He cracked open the eggs and they were all the same, even though they were different colors and shapes on the outside they were the same on the inside.  See the children standing there, beautiful children of God, and the simplicity of the eggs that had been gathered off the farm, guys this was a moment.  I was in awe of this authentic moment, yes this was just a field trip to a local farm, this was just one of many things that the kids learned today, but the energy and message that Mr. Earnest poured into these children was truly a gift.  We all have jobs to do, we get up, we do them and go through the motions, but this was different.  Mr. Earnest used this simple moment to teach these children a deeper lesson, not sure if any of the kids left with this message, but I for sure did.  I was moved by his authentic energy, his ability to meet these children on their level and teach them a lesson that we should all practice daily.

After the kids packed up and headed back to school on their bus, a friend of mine walked back to get in our cars, I saw Mr. Earnest standing nearby.  I also strongly believe you should express gratitude to people when you can, don’t have enough of building each other up in this world!  I walked over to Mr. Earnest and said, “Thank you, thank you for your message and thank you for your energy! Your message today touched me and I am so grateful!” 

We then spent the next 10 minutes talking about his past 5 years teaching this lesson to children who come to the farm.  How he knows God put him on this earth to teach others about loving one another for who they are.  I didn’t plan on having this conversation with Mr. Earnest, but I left that farm with such inspiration. 

I need a morning motivational talk from Mr. Earnest every day, his spirit and energy was electric! He was pouring into these children and adults with such an authentic spirit, it was amazing. 

I am so very grateful to have had the opportunity to be on Harpers’ field trip, but I never knew that I would have such God moment talking about eggs in the middle of a pumpkin patch.  God is everywhere and in everything, we just need to be open to receiving it and open to accepting it.

I hope you all have a Mr. Earnest moment this week, this month or this year! 



  1. Thanks Amy for passing this simple and inspirational message forward!

    1. Of course!! It was such a sweet message I could not keep to myself!

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