Thanksgiving Traditions & Gratitude

Hi Friends! 

If you have been following along with me this year, you know my word is Gratitude!  Check out my post here for my word of the year. I have focused daily on choosing gratitude, sharing gratitude and making it a part of our family.  This seems dreamy and a bit over the top, but I can’t tell you enough how much this has changed MY perspective and my attitude on a daily basis.  Yes, I still have bad days, but there is always gratitude in my day; my health, food, warm home, my family…there is always something good even in the worst of days.  It is just in your perspective, choosing joy, happiness and claiming the blessings in your life.   

I recently asked my friends what my superpowers are, and they all said different things, but my personal growth in perspective was a common theme among them all.  I was blown away that they all recognized and saw how much my outlook on life, work, relationships, had changed my attitude. This is one of the highest compliments to receive from women I hold in high regard.  They know my personal journey with managing my stress, expectations of being a mom, wife, friend and human being, has not been an easy one or a quick one. But for all three of my friends to see the change in perspective was such a blessing and major gratitude of my day.

I share this with you for two reasons, to inspire you but also to show you that choosing happiness and gratitude daily, DOES make a difference.  Last year was a tough year for me, I was more doom and gloom than I was happy.  If you missed it, read my latest blog post.  I wanted happy, I wanted gratitude, I wanted to change, so I did.  Yes it is just that easy and just that hard, but daily doing it makes all the difference.  Choosing joy daily was harder at first, but as my mind shifted, gratitude was everywhere. It was the person who held the door for me, it was the co worker who smiled and asked how my weekend was, it was the amazing phone conversation with a friend, they were there all along, but I was not choosing to see them and to claim them.  Whatever point of your journey you are on, to maximize happiness and gratitude in your life, I hope this inspires you to share gratitude with the people who you encounter and to claim the gratitude you experience daily. 

A few years ago I came across a Thanksgiving item here in Charlotte at a children’s boutique, it was called Turkey on the Table.  I had never heard of this, but was interested in adding something to Thanksgiving for our kids to interact with and enjoy. I think gratitude is a year round affair, but Thanksgiving is a perfect time when we are all gathered together to say what we are thankful for!  I bought our “Tom” Turkey and he has been a part of our family for the past 3 years. Our kids love him so much they ask for him to come out during the year. 🙂

Turkey on the Table was created by two moms and friends who wanted to add a family tradition to the Thanksgiving holiday, I am so very grateful to the ladies.  We love sharing our gratitude with our family and friends, but to write down what we are thankful for, and create a beautiful centerpiece for the table, this checks all my boxes! Family tradition overload, but in such a wonderful way! 

I have partnered up with the lovely ladies at Turkey on the Table, to give away 2 Turkeys to my wonderful followers. I am so grateful for you all, following along!  We are 2 weeks away from Thanksgiving, so there is no better time than now to get a Turkey for your Table! 

Please check out, these ladies are killing it and have not only created a wonderful Thanksgiving tradition for our family, but I hope for yours as well!

Tom “The Turkey” has made his arrival at our house again this year, and my kids are more excited than ever to decorate his feathers for Thanksgiving!  Our tradition is to wait until the day of Thanksgiving to have everyone partake in our Tom tradition. So be on the lookout in two weeks for Tom to be decorated extra special this year, we are in full craft mode at our house this year!

I pray you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and that you are able to add a spirit of gratitude into your holiday!


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  1. Enjoyed reading this! It reminded me how I need to stop and be thankful for my many blessings.

    1. Thank you!! Yes we all get caught up in life and it takes time to slow down!! Thanks for being one of our blessings!!

  2. I have enjoyed and always look forward to your posts. So thankful to have good health and spirit around my family and friends. It so important to be connected with positive thinking. Thanks so much for reminding us of our blessings Amy.

    1. Aww thank you!! It is so important, thank you for your love and support!!

  3. I have finally go to read one of your blogs!! I loved it. You reflect on so many faucets in your life. I didn’t know you were having so much feeling of gloom in the past. I know it is hard to pull out of that feeling. Thanks for reminding me to look on the brighter side of things OR make changes to make life more fulfilling. It usually is up to us to make ourselves happy. I just know that every time we are together you appear happy, enjoying your country life, loving your kids, and being present in every moment! I am thankful to have a cousin as great as you!! See you next week 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading along!! Yes it is tough to get out of a bad habit and I was in a very bad habit of being negative! We love our family and are so very blessed in many ways, especially our new place!!

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