Christmas 2019

For unto us a child is born. Isaiah 9:6

The holidays are beautiful, chaotic and the stuff great memories are made of!  We traveled to my in-laws for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to be with my husbands side of the family, we had a great time, but more sleep was needed for everyone!  Our kids (Ages 5 and 3) are at the sweetest age of fully enjoying and embracing all the Santa Magic. Harper woke up at 2:30 am on Christmas wanting to see if he had brought presents, we made her go back to bed and wait until 7 am. The adults need to go to bed earlier on Christmas Eve as well!

Here are some of the highlights of our Christmas, and some of the many wonderful memories!  (no meltdowns were filmed).

Car is packed, we have everything loaded in! Can you see the 2 dogs in the back of the car?
Christmas Eve in Greensboro, NC. We watched church service on TV with the glow of the Christmas tree!
Harper was majorly obsessed with tracking Santa through out the night.
Little Thomas making silly faces with the Christmas balls in the background.
We went Christmas Caroling on Christmas Eve, a new tradition for us. My in-laws did this when my husband was growing up, but this was new for me and the kids, such a fun night! Spread Christmas cheer for all to hear!
Cousins in matching Jammies, could this get any cuter?
Cousins all sleeping in the same room for Christmas Eve, they did all fall asleep quickly!
Cookies and Hot Coco for Santa, while the kids left Carrots for the Reindeer.
Santa came for Little Thomas!
Santa brought toys for Harper! (Please notice the dogs in all of these pictures. )
The dogs can not be left out! (My first babies)
Thomas and his cousin both got Leaf Blowers from Santa, the biggest hit for these boys!!!
Harper helped my mother in law set the table! Such a sweet memory.
She is such a helper – love her kind spirit.
The real reason for the season, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Harper gifted my in laws with their own Advent wreath, and it was special to have this on the table for Christmas, with all five candles lit.
The dogs were not too far from any of the action!!
Merry Christmas 2019, our blessing overflow and we are so very grateful for another wonderful year surrounded by our loved ones. We miss all of our family we were not with and all of our loved ones who have gone before us.
-Amy (and family)

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