Simple advice for everyone!

Each morning I walk my daughter to kindergarten, this is my advice everyday:

Try your best and have fun!

Simple, but so important!

Kindergarten should be fun, it is the foundation for her education.

She has been telling me she doesn’t want to go because it is hard, raise your hand if you can relate!

She was complaining about how hard kindergarten was and how she liked preschool more, I told her this would happen every year and she needed to stop worrying, try her best and have fun.

Harper turns 6 this weekend and I am so proud of her growth this year but also shocked at how hard she is on herself.

She gets it from me, I am sure! 🤣

I am hard on myself as well and need to take my own advice, try my best and have fun!

Whatever you are doing today, tomorrow, next week, try your best and have fun!!


Simple but so very hard.


  1. Hope everyone had a great birthday weekend! LOVE your blog!!

    1. Thank you!! Birthdays were great!! Hope to see you soon! We will be up your way this weekend!

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