99 years and counting!

We celebrated a milestone birthday this weekend!

My husbands grandfather turned 99 years old! It is truly amazing to think of the life experiences durning the past 99 years. He is a wonderful man, veteran, father and Christian but his dedication to his family is amazing!

I married into this family but quickly realized what a strong bond this family had and it was all connected to their father, grandfather and now great grandfather.

When we made the decision to name our son after my husband, his father and grandfather it was out of respect and reverence for amazing men who carried the same name.

Seeing little Thomas(3 years old) and Great-Granddaddy Tom interact over the past three years has been such a blessing and a gift. 96 years between their births but family is family and no matter the age, Their laughter and spirit transcend age!

Happiest of Birthday to the senior Thomas Shook, 99 years young! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you!

There is over 200 years of life in this picture!


  1. Great celebration of family and Thomases!

    1. It was, thanks for tagging along!

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