Solid, strong and supportive advice’

Such great advice but I had forgotten what a family gem this saying was until tonight.

I was organizing my pictures and random items that were in boxes tonight in the last stretch of decluttering, I came across letters that my grandmother and great grandmother had written me in college. 🥰

I was in college from 2002-2006, not so long ago but my grandmother wrote me a letter every day I was in school. 💕

I keep quite a few but I wish I had kept more of them, I called her tonight to thank her for these sweet notes. I didn’t realized at the time how much time, effort and love where put into those notes each day but I loved checking my mail in college as I always knew I would be getting a note!

My great grandmother wrote me once a week, she had her mail ready on Monday and would mail out all things to all the people! I was lucky enough to be on that list! Not only did I get a letter keeping me up to date on what was going on but she always stuck in a stick of juice fruit gum! 🙌

I can still smell the juice fruit gum and I always chewed the gum while I read her letters! #memories

Tonight I sat and read quite a few letters from my grandmother and my great grandmother, it made my heart happy to know how much love and support they had for my in college years but also for my entire life! These women poured their knowledge, love and amazing food into my life, I am thankful and hope I can have the same impact on my children and their children.

My great grandmother was known for her advice, not always the most popular advice but it was given with love! She closed each of her letters with stay safe and love you! But then off to the side of her signature in all caps she would write “LOCK YOUR DOORS”.

This right here is solid advice but it makes me chuckle, I always lock my doors, bathroom, car, bedroom, house, you name it we lock it!

My great grandmother didn’t grow up locking doors she lived in a small mountian community where doors are still not locked. Her love and supportive advice was to lock your doors was not only for the receiver but also for her to know you were being safe per her advice!

Cleaning out our guest room has been so hard for me and I have put it off for a year, but finding these gems reminds me of how special these small memories are to me!

The women in my life have supported me since before day one, they have picked me up, they have cheered me on and they have helped me rise, I am so great full for them and these fun memories!




  1. Love this!

    1. Thank you! Sometimes keeping things is the right thing! 😀

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