Reality versus Goals!

2020 has spun us all into a new reality. When 2020 started off I had a list of things to get accomplished this year! My goals versus my reality! 2019 was one of our best years ever as a family, it was going to be hard to top. We had some goals to make it a great one until everything changed!

“Achieving goals in due time.”

On the top of my goal list was to spend more time on the blog. To focus making money to contribute to our families finances. I started off the year investing in a workshop on how to better market and story tell. A great investment into a solid goal for the 2nd year of the blog. Then the pandemic hit and everything went up in the air.

I can provide a list of reasons why I stopped focusing on the blog, really the list is a mile long, but in the end it comes down to prioritizing my time, energy and resources to my family. Yes, our family time is always top of our family goals, read about them here. But this year has been dramatically different, the emotional highs and lows have been a challenge for us all, but being present parents to our kids and present spouses to our family have been our biggest priority.

Family time is a currency you can’t trade.

I have so many things I want to share, there are so many funny things that have happened, we have grown a lot, we have cried a lot but most of all we have spent a lot of time together as a family. My reality of making money with my blog is still alive and well, but it has been pushed down on the list of goals for this year.

I am fiercely competitive and love knocking goals out of the park, but this one will find it’s right timing, and it is not now. I share this for myself mainly to let it go…. yes please imaging Elsa singing this, but also to share a very authentic moment with you all I love blogging, I love sharing our family with you all, but I am also beating myself up about a goal I set and will not achieve to the level I wanted to this year. So I am laying my goal down, I am going to continue to focus on my reality of my sweet family.

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