Through the eyes of a Child

My Life is the best because of you.

We are all ENOUGH!

Me to EVERY Mom out there

The past few weeks I have been very overwhelmed, everything has taken so much more energy and nothing seems to get accomplished. I know I am not alone in this, as most of my friends have shared similar challenges.

We have completed 6 months of stay at home. The end is not in site and ALL of our decisions seem to happen and then change again in a few days. I love making decisions and seeing them come to life, but that has not happened very often living in this pandemic. We make decisions, we change them and then we make more decisions.

We took for granted the ease of life before we entered into the pandemic, but here we are 6 months in. Most of us burnt out and running low on energy, patience and everything else!

But back to the past couple weeks, I have just felt off, a bit nuttier than usual and not feeling like myself. I was reminded in the most special way that no matter how I feel, no matter how I am doing as a mom, wife, etc I am enough.

I was sitting in my home office working and my daughter walked in to deliver a note, she is getting very confident in her writing skills, so notes are very common in our house. They usually say, “Mommy, I love you.” They are precious and I love them, but today she dropped this note off.

My life is the best because of you, Mom, Thanks Harper

My mommy heart exploded!


This note stopped me in my footsteps, I was touched in her kind, thoughtful and loving spirit. But I was so proud of her working on her writing and spelling skills, so proud. This note came at a time that I needed to hear this, I was all over the place, not seeing the “results” I was focused on, but these are the results we have prayed for and have spent the past 6 years on with our dear Harper.

Life is not what we plan, it never is, such a beautiful reminder to me during this time. I hugged out sweet Harper and told her how much we love her, her kind heart and how thankful I am for HER. All the decisions, goals, plans I may want to accomplish, this is the best one. If I can raise a happy, healthy, loving woman of God, then I am blessed.

As mom’s we scurry from task to task, doing more than anyone should plan to do in a day, then ask ourselves why we don’t do more. Well, we are enough! Our kids are watching us, we are their role models, if they think we are enough, we should be enough.

With these sweet heartfelt words, I am breaking my funk. I am not going to beat myself up for the piles of clean laundry that need to be folded, the dirty dishes in the sink, I am enough!


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