Thanksgiving 2020

As we all prepare for our Thanksgiving 2020 – how ever you and your family are doing it, I wanted to share some reflections of this year.

2020 – My word of the year is “Awakening” for so many reason, read my post here.

As wild and crazy as this year has been, my heart is very Thankful.

Thankful for:

Family -who we have spent more time with than ever in our lives. My kids 6 and 4, we will NEVER spend this much time together again. Yes, we have all driven each other crazy, but we have also been able to have dinners nightly together (not to mention breakfast and lunches). I would not want to do life without these 3 other people. We have laughed, cried and danced together this year in our home. I pray that we all look back on this time as a family as a true gift.

Friends – finding new ways to keep connected to our friends who have kept us sane during this time apart. We all need those friends in our lives who lift us up when we are struggling, and laugh with us when we keep getting it wrong, but are with us through it all. I am grateful for technology for keeping us close when we are not physically close. I am grateful for the amazing weather we have had to spend time with friends outside.

Furlough – or as I like to refer to it as, my third maternity leave without a baby! 🙂 The time I had with my kids not focusing on work was truly a gift. We spent so much time together that I will always cherish this moment. Harper cried when I got called back to work, which broke my heart, but I was so grateful to go back.

Food – cooking every meal at home for weeks on end, seemed like the most daunting task, planning out grocery lists to last until your next trip, trying to make the most of everything. We truly lived in an age of innocence before this year. We are beyond thankful for having food on our table and being able to gather around the table with each other nightly. Our kids have loved cooking with us, and the time we have had working from home and not commuting has given us so much time to spend together cooking.

Fur babies – our dogs, we can’t forget our dogs. I am so thankful for another year with our 2 dogs. They have spent more time with us this year than ever before, and I am not sure they are going to like it when we leave.

Farm House – we had no idea how much time we would spend at our farm house this past year, it was such a surprise blessing. Getting outside, doing projects and exploring has been one of our highlights this year. We knew we were investing in our kids future with carving out so much time and money with taking on a second house, but the timing could not have been more perfect. Being able to get out of our full time house and have a change of scenery has been a huge distraction, not to mention all the projects we had time to tackle.

Cheers to you all on Thanksgiving!

Take a few minutes this Holiday to reach out and tell someone how grateful you are for them. 2020 has been challenging for so many people, a simple acknowledgement of your gratitude to someone can make such a difference!

Happy Thanksgiving and I am so very thankful for you!



Happy Thanksgiving from our family!

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