100 Days of School

Today Harper celebrated her 100th day of first grade! She has always enjoyed counting the days of school but this year is very unique.

  • 100 Days of School-
  • 11- in person
  • 89- virtual at home

Learning at home has been a challenge, tech issues, attention issues and just normal raising kid challenges. Some days are super tough, work, school, life, it is all a lot right now, but…..

This also has been so wonderful:

  • we will never get to spend this much time together again.
  • We get to see Harper learn, see her interact with her classmates and teacher.
  • We are able to see and hear her teacher daily, never would we see this.
  • Harper also gets to see us work, this is amazing and hopefully will provide a great work ethic for her.

100 days, seems like forever and also has flown by. We are hopeful that Harper will get to go back in person in the next couple weeks, but so grateful for this time together.


Harper’s 100 Day of school shirt, decorated with 100 jewels, making sure to add an H for her name!

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