Mothers Day

10 things I have learned about being a mother, I didn’t plan to learn!

Pretty sure we could write a whole book on this topic!

Our kids are currently our kids are 7 and 4, here is a snapshot what things I have learned in the past 7 years of being a mother:

  • Take a change of clothes for the kid and the parent wherever you go.
  • Snacks will almost make everything better.
  • Keep band aids and baby wipes with you at all time.
  • Kids wear 2 times more clothes than you think they will.
  • Potty training it hard, give yourself grace.
  • Kids will find water where ever you go, puddles, dog bowls, toilet bowels.
  • You will never get tired of watching your kids sleep.
  • Kids will get sand on EVERYTHING at the beach, take baby powder to help get it off.
  • You will spend more time cooking and cleaning meals, then it takes your child to eat.
  • Your kids are never to big to sit on your lap!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!! You are fierce warriors!


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