About Us

Hi and welcome!

So very excited to share a bit of our families life and how we are focusing on priorities and not doing everything.  This is very hard in a 24/7 world we live in, we are pulled in so many directions for very good reasons, but are tired and worn out.  My 2018 goal was to focus on family, faith and our priorities.  This changed on a daily, hourly basis, but the focus was always on what was the most important and what was going to bring our family closer to each other and our faith.



Born and raised in Charlotte, NC.  Moved away to college and met my husband, then talked him into moving back to Charlotte with me and the rest is history.  I have worked full time since moving back to Charlotte, getting married, adopting our 2 dogs and then having our 2 children (all in that order, dogs did come first)!

Why this blog:

But being pulled in so many directions, with work, family and life, I made a decision to try and slow down.  This is a decision that was very difficult, what was I going to give up, what was I going to say no to and what was I going to say YES to?  Still a work in progress, each month, week and day are a challenge to balance and be intentional with choices.  We all have the same amount of time in the day, what we do with it is our priority.  Our house is full of laughter, good food and lots of dog hair, hope you enjoy a snap shot into our decision to slow down.